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Bojan Knezevic, Managing Director of Banini and Jaffa Crvenka – Merger gives us great opportunities

16. Nov 2017.

Jaffa Crvenka bought Banini for EUR 15 million in March 2017, and the Kikinda-based producer is undergoing a recovery process seven months since joining the operations together. The full potential should be realized in the next couple of years, as the new owner"s ambitious plans include further expansions in the confectionery market and strengthening competitiveness in the market of the European Union.

Let us remind that the problems of Banini, one of the main participants in the local confectionery industry, started in 2010, when it incurred banking debts for the construction of a new facility in the Teremijski Drum Street. High interest rates soon followed, continuing to rise, and the factory"s growing debts led to the bankruptcy proceeding of 2016.

After the purchase by the Crvenka-based company, conditions met for exiting the bankruptcy proceedings and starting a recovery.

Bojan Knezevic, Managing Director of these two companies, says in his interview for our portal that great opportunities for further development of brands, potential modifications in the production process and new products lie in the merger of Jaffa and Banini.

– We have successfully initiated the production in Banini and we are satisfied with the initial results. It"s too early to talk about concrete figures, but we can say that 2018 will be a year of development. The merger has given us new strength and quality people and this is where our new, joint potential lies – Knezevic points out for eKapija.

eKapija: During the purchase, you announced that, following the acquisition, you would be producing all of Banini"s products up till that point. Has the entire program been kept? Are you planning new lines of products and which ones?

– We have initiated the production of five brands: Noblice, Toto, Rum Kasato, Domacica and Trik and started marketing them successfully. As regards a growth of the portfolio, the year 2018 will be a year of development for us. By joining forces, we have created one of the best teams in Serbia, which will become apparent to consumers in the upcoming years.
eKapija: What kind of capacities in Banini are we talking about?

– At the moment, the daily capacity is around 35 tons, and there"s room for the amount of commercial packs produced in a single day to increase considerably, which is also part of the plan.

eKapija: The production takes place in the company"s new facilities. What will happen to the old facility and will a part of the production remain there?

– The plan is for the entire production to take place in the new facility, as it meets the top quality standards and capacity requirements. The old facility remains the ownership of the company and we will decide on its further use in line with the further development of operations.

eKapija: Could some of Jaffa"s products be produced in Kikinda?

– At the moment, the production is being carried out in line with a previously established model, but the merger presents us with plenty of options for further development and potential modifications to the production process itself.

eKapija: Where will further investments be directed?

– The plan is for the existing brands to grow further, but also for new products to be implemented. We believe that the synergy created by this merger creates many new opportunities for growth and that our potentials in the local market, but also in the exporting ones, are remarkable.
eKapija: When purchasing Banini, you announced that you would keep all the workers, of whom there were 230 at the time. Have you fulfilled that promise and are you planning new employments?

– We have employed more than 200 workers and they are doing a job adequate for the current level of production. Our plans are ambitious, we plan on growing further in the market and we will accordingly be employing more people.

eKapija: What are the expectations as to when the Banini acquisition is to become a profitable investment?

– The practice shows that successful acquisitions become profitable after 3 to 5 years. This has also been confirmed by our long-term approach.

eKapija: What are Jaffa Crvenka"s plans for the upcoming period?

– All our plans are made in the long term. This year, we are entering the third cycle of support to the Olympic Team of Serbia and we are especially proud of Banini"s Trik becoming a part of the Olympic family in the next four years. Jaffa Cakes remains a partner of the Olympic Committee. These are all big steps for us. We will focus on the entire family of the brands created in Crvenka, Kikinda and the whole region.

Katarina Stevanovic

Source: ekapija

26. Dec 2017.
Serbia 69th on Forbes list of best countries for business

26. Dec 2017.
Preliminary decision on concessionaire for Nikola Tesla Airport postponed until December 29

26. Dec 2017.
Dane Kondic withdrawing as head of Air Serbia – Duncan Naysmith new director

24. Dec 2017.
Sale of NLB Bank to begin in 2018

20. Dec 2017.
Gas-Res and Gazprom to build liquefied natural gas plant in Zvornik – Investment worth EUR 70 millio

18. Dec 2017.
HBIS Group to bring new Chinese investors to Smederevo industrial zone?

14. Dec 2017.
AIK to become majority owner of Gorenjska Banka?

13. Dec 2017.
Four bids for concession of Nikola Tesla Airport, Chinese consortium withdraws

12. Dec 2017.
New valuation for PKB – Ministry of Economy to define model of privatization for Azotara and Petrohe

11. Dec 2017.
Srbijaautoput and Mostogradnja to reconstruct Szentendre Bridge

07. Dec 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

06. Dec 2017.
Commission for Protection of Competition approves acquisition of Piraeus Bank by Direktna Banka

04. Dec 2017.
State to take over EUR 64 million of debts of Srbijagas and Petrohemija towards NIS

03. Dec 2017.
FAM Krusevac opens new anti-corrosion products facility – Project worth EUR 1 million

03. Dec 2017.
Swiss company to become owner of FAS – Board of Creditors accepts sixth offer by Batagon

29. Nov 2017.
Second IKEA department store in Serbia on the move to Dobanovci - Regional expansion continues with

23. Nov 2017.
FAP freed from RSD 8,7 billion debts - Negotiations on truck delivery to Algeria and Egypt continue

23. Nov 2017.
Concessionaire takes over management of Nikola Tesla airport as of August 2018?

16. Nov 2017.
American Exide interested in purchasing FAS

11. Nov 2017.
Turks, Hungarian OTP and Miodrag Kostic interested in Komercijalna Banka?

09. Nov 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

08. Nov 2017.
Aelius pays EUR 16 million for Galenika – Debt repayment and severance pays soon

02. Nov 2017.
Air Serbia to implement flights to Canada – First flight to Toronto in 2018?

26. Okt 2017.
Aelius offering EUR 16 million for Galenika

25. Okt 2017.
PPT Namenska buys eight new machines

24. Okt 2017.
Italy"s Miroglio interested in purchasing AHA Mura Prvi Maj?

19. Okt 2017.
Opening of bids for Galenika in October

18. Okt 2017.
Metalac to build office-residential facility in Gornji Milanovac – Tender for contractors in progres

18. Okt 2017.
Direktna Banka to buy Piraeus Bank Belgrade – Official acquisition to take place in first quarter of

17. Okt 2017.
Gazprom increases export of gas to Serbia by 29.7%

12. Okt 2017.
Sale of Jugoremedija fails – No licenses, no buyers

10. Okt 2017.
IMF keeps projections of growth of Serbia"s GDP – Jump by 3% in 2017, 3.5% in 2018

09. Okt 2017.
Key Policy Rate Cut to 3.5 Percent

06. Okt 2017.
State seeking buyer for Valjevska Pivara – Letters of interest to be sent by November 6

03. Okt 2017.
Two bids for purchase of Galenika arrive

02. Okt 2017.
New deadline for concession of Belgrade Airport – Binding bids by November 23, 2017

29. Sep 2017.
Hyundai to arrive to Kragujevac? – Fiat Chrysler negotiating on cooperation with South Korean compan

28. Sep 2017.
Serbia Climbs on Global Competitiveness List Mainly Owing to Improved Macroeconomic Environment

28. Sep 2017.
Names of five companies interested in RTB Bor revealed

27. Sep 2017.
IMI starts building factory in Niska Banja – Investment worth EUR 33 million

27. Sep 2017.
Serbia moves up 12 positions in Global Competitiveness Index

26. Sep 2017.
Andrey Melnichenko to invest in RTB Bor?

22. Sep 2017.
New offer for acquisition of FAS

21. Sep 2017.
Ten companies interested in Galenika – Opening of bids on October 4

15. Sep 2017.
First Beijing-Belgrade plane lands

15. Sep 2017.
Banca Intesa blocks sale of Dijamant as well

12. Sep 2017.
Italians planning new B-segment Fiat for Kragujevac?

12. Sep 2017.
Tigar delivers 2,400 pairs of protective boots to firemen in Hong Kong in six months of 2017

11. Sep 2017.
FX Reserves and IFEM Movements in August

07. Sep 2017.
Key Policy Rate lowered to 3.75%

06. Sep 2017.
Transavia to double number of flights from Amsterdam to Belgrade

05. Sep 2017.
Depo in Kralja Aleksandra Blvd for sale for EUR 4 million

01. Sep 2017.
Galenika to be sold for EUR 1, tender opens

30. Avg 2017.
Offers for concession of Nikola Tesla airport even EUR 100 m higher than expected?

29. Avg 2017.
A total of EUR 1,5 billion from IPA funds available for Serbia until 2020

24. Avg 2017.
Intesa Sanpaolo takes over Swiss Morval Vonwiller Group

20. Avg 2017.
Commission for securities rejects request of Napred Razvoj for Energoprojekt Entel

18. Avg 2017.
Business News - Energoprojekt holding a.d. , Beograd

17. Avg 2017.
Notice of dividend paymen - NIS a.d., Novi Sad

16. Avg 2017.
PPRP for HIP Petrohemija adopted – Claims partly converted into capital, partly written off

14. Avg 2017.
Galenika GM reaches decision on debt conversion – State increases its share to over 90%

11. Avg 2017.
FX Reserves and IFEM Movements in July

10. Avg 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

09. Avg 2017.
Bojovic fails to dismiss Energoprojekt CEO

08. Avg 2017.
Potential establishment of direct air route between Belgrade and Astana

08. Avg 2017.
Investment Corporation of Dubai to take over Tivat Airport?

03. Avg 2017.
SEE Link - New stock exchange joined

01. Avg 2017.
Halkbank profit amounts to RSD 202 million in the first six months of 2017

01. Avg 2017.
Foreigners to be able to buy up to 2 ha of land in Serbia – State insists on strategic partnership f

31. Jul 2017.
Dobroslav Bojovic officially majority owner of Energoprojekt

27. Jul 2017.
Fiat remains Serbia"s top exporter

25. Jul 2017.
IKEA gets exploitation permit for Belgrade department store

25. Jul 2017.
Negotiations between Fiat management and unions completed successfully – Salaries to increase by 3%

21. Jul 2017.
Naftachem, NIS and Granexport three new port operators

20. Jul 2017.
Sberbank to buy Telenor Bank?

16. Jul 2017.
Profit of Zelezara to exceed EUR 20 million at the end of 2017 – Hesteel planning new investments an

13. Jul 2017.
Agreement on EUR 48 million for companies in Balkans signed

11. Jul 2017.
FX Reserves and IFEM Movements in June

10. Jul 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

07. Jul 2017.
Terminal 2B opens in Belgrade Airport – Ten new check-in counters available

06. Jul 2017.
European Commission to impose antidumping measures against Zelezara Smederevo?

30. Jun 2017.
Public debt of Serbia reduced to 67.1% of GDP in May 2017

28. Jun 2017.
Swiss, American and Canadian companies interested in Fabrika Akumulatora Sombor – New sale called

26. Jun 2017.
Official talks between IMF Mission and Serbian delegation begin

22. Jun 2017.
Subway construction in Belgrade to start in 2020? - Investment totaling EUR 4 billion

21. Jun 2017.
Five bidders to deliver binding offers for concession of Nikola Tesla Airport

20. Jun 2017.
Wine house PIK Oplenac from Topola starts exports to China

13. Jun 2017.
Sale of Jugoremedija on hold - Election of new Prime Minister delays search for buyer

13. Jun 2017.
Government is looking for advisor for PKB privatization - Deadline for bids June 20

09. Jun 2017.
Sberbank blocks sale of Frikom and Dijamant

09. Jun 2017.
Concession of Nikola Tesla Airport extended once again

08. Jun 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

06. Jun 2017.
Record results of Hesteel since coming to Serbia – May revenues amount to USD 77 million

05. Jun 2017.
New Fiat 500L in USA market – Improved design and driving characteristics

05. Jun 2017.
Lidl supermarket in Zeleznik as well?

31. Maj 2017.
Miodrag Kostic buys close to a third of Portoroz Airport

30. Maj 2017.
RTB Bor facility casts 50 kg of gold – Revenues around USD 2 million

28. Maj 2017.
Three potential purchasers of AHA Mura Prvi Maj

26. Maj 2017.
Production initiated in all facilities of chemical industry Zupa – Jobs for 130 workers

24. Maj 2017.
Montenegro Airlines" request for debt restructuring denied

23. Maj 2017.
NIS opens gas facility near Pozarevac – Value of investment RSD 400 million

22. Maj 2017.
Air Serbia posts record 2017 Q1 results

19. Maj 2017.
Victory Solutions buys Zelvoz for RSD 163 million – Smederevo factory sold at fifth attempt

17. Maj 2017.
Decision on sale of Zelvoz by May 24 – Two bids for purchase of Smederevo company

16. Maj 2017.
Investors from Slovakia interested in investing in Serbia

15. Maj 2017.
Bankruptcy proceedings in Beohemija-Inhem halted

12. Maj 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept on Hold

09. Maj 2017.
CCIS opens office in Beijing

05. Maj 2017.
State to sell share in banks through tenders

05. Maj 2017.
Seven investors interested in petrochemical complex factories

04. Maj 2017.
Three new cuts in Kolubara to secure stable coal production – Expropriation of land, river bed shift

03. Maj 2017.
Air Serbia to suspend flights to Abu Dhabi from October 29 – Local airline to strengthen short fligh

27. Apr 2017.
Public invitation for RTB Bor management team extended

25. Apr 2017.
Mobile boarding passes - Air Serbia improves IT sales and check-in system

23. Apr 2017.
Koreans to turn Nikola Tesla into biggest Balkans airport

20. Apr 2017.
CADEZ: There are purchasers interested in Frikom, Dijamant, Mercator

19. Apr 2017.
Sremska Mlekara buys DIB Bujanovac for EUR 686,374 – Purchase of Duvanska Industrija Ljubovija plann

19. Apr 2017.
Delta hints at possible purchase of one of Agrokor"s companies

18. Apr 2017.
Telekom Srbija selling 56 scrapped vehicles – Prices range from RSD 6,000 to 250,000

13. Apr 2017.
New deadline for potential concessionaires for Nikola Tesla Airport – Non-binding bid submission ext

12. Apr 2017.
Slovenia ready to adopt Lex Mercator – Aiming to protect Slovenian food industry and workers

10. Apr 2017.
SMATSA planning construction of airport control tower – Public invitation for technical documentatio

07. Apr 2017.
Machines, equipment and vehicles of Krusevac oil factory put up for sale – Offer includes oil presse

07. Apr 2017.
Chinese interested in Kragujevac forgings factory – Sale of Zastava Kovacnica on April 24

05. Apr 2017.
Novi Sad"s Preston buys Beohemija-Inhem for RSD 2.5 billion – Sales increase of 35% planned for 2017

04. Apr 2017.
No forced collection of debts for Galenika until October 2017 – New privatization model being prepar

04. Apr 2017.
Miroljub Aleksic to buy Jubmes Bank?

03. Apr 2017.
Progetti to expand production for Prada? – Owner of famous designer brand Patrizio Bertelli visits V

03. Apr 2017.
Antonio Alvarez to run Agrokor?

31. Mar 2017.
Russians to sell VTB Bank Serbia

30. Mar 2017.
Government looking for purchaser for petrochemical complex

29. Mar 2017.
Securities Commission inquiring into sale of Energoprojekt shares

28. Mar 2017.
Italian Pasubio starts production in Šabac in June – 500 staff to make car seats

27. Mar 2017.
Miroslav Miskovic to be involved in saving Agrokor in Serbia?

24. Mar 2017.
Austrian Strabag becomes new owner of Preduzece za puteve Beograd

24. Mar 2017.
Pompa, Scalla and Spin are looking for new owner - April 25 to see competition for Beohemija, initia

24. Mar 2017.
As it has been announced, trustee in bankruptcy Zastava kovačnica announced sale of this company as

23. Mar 2017.
Belarus businessman to buy Mladenovac-based Petar Drapsin? - Estimated value of EUR 8 m

22. Mar 2017.
Planinka opens new Prolom water bottling line - Investment totals EUR 2,5 m

22. Mar 2017.
City of Belgrade improves credit rating

21. Mar 2017.
Jaffa acquires Banini for initial price of RSD 1,86 billion

20. Mar 2017.
Jaffa the closest to acquire Banini

15. Mar 2017.
Representatives of Chinese companies visit Krusevac – Potential cooperation in infrastructure, therm

14. Mar 2017.
Here"s the list of companies interested in Nikola Tesla Airport concession

13. Mar 2017.
Chinese Fosun Pharma also interested in acquiring Stada

10. Mar 2017.
Government of Serbia officially terminates Galenika privatization procedure

08. Mar 2017.
EBRD interested in financing Nikola Tesla Airport concessionaire

08. Mar 2017.
NIS to start exploiting oil shale soon – Investment of EUR 300 million planned in first stage

01. Mar 2017.
Matijevic looking to purchase Banini

23. Feb 2017.
AIK Bank gets permit by ECB for Gorenjska Banka takeover

23. Feb 2017.
Eight bids for PKB purchase – Among interested parties officially Kostic, Matijevic, Al Dahra, Chine

03. Feb 2017.
Looking for valuer of Zrenjanin"s Zitoprodukt in bankruptcy

03. Feb 2017.
Bankruptcy of Jugoremedija confirmed – Sale of bankruptcy estate of Zrenjanin company to follow

31. Jan 2017.
Acquisition of Toza Markovic by Srbijagas approved

31. Jan 2017.
Sale of Alpha Bank to Miodrag Kostic agreed

26. Jan 2017.
Piraeus Bank selling mortgage owners property

19. Jan 2017.
412 bankruptcy proceedings opened in 2016, 267 completed

16. Jan 2017.
Kravchenko announces new NIS investments worth 1 bln euros

13. Jan 2017.
Gorenje makes net profit of EUR 8 million in 2016 – Total revenues EUR 1.25 billion

12. Jan 2017.
Key Policy Rate Kept Unchanged

09. Jan 2017.
Budget surplus "nearly one billion more than announced"

09. Jan 2017.
Romanian Teraplast founding company in Serbia – Investments of EUR 15.9 million planned in 2017

06. Jan 2017.
Ball Packaging Belgrade sells record 1.5 billion cans

06. Jan 2017.
Serbia gets exit to Albanian port

05. Jan 2017.
Wizz Air transports half a million passengers from Serbia in 2016

03. Jan 2017.
Nearly five million passengers at Nikola Tesla Airport in 2016

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