Fundamental information

Company name and location: Broker – Dealer Company Intercity broker JSC Belgrade 
Abbreviated Company name: Intercity broker JSC Belgrade
Location: Maksima Gorkog 52, 11118 Belgrade
tel:  (+38111)3083-100 , 3087-862
fax: (+38111)3083-150
Business identification number: 17421506
Establishment date: October 2, 2002
Legal form: Joint stock company
Decision number and date on granting a license for activities Broker-Dealer Company (BDC) in a part of BDC: 5/0-12-2807/5-05 of 27.10.2005.
The decision issued by the SEC, Republic of Serbia, Omladinskih brigada, st, 1, Belgrade
A member of the Belgrade Stock Exchange
A clearing member of the Central Securities depository and clearing house.
A member of the Stock Exchange and Stock Broker Association