In every developed financial market investors are one of the fundamental participants and development actuation of the financial market.
Intercity broker JSC Belgrade has acquired successful participation and has earned trust amongst a large number of domestic and international investors.
Before operating with investors Intercity broker JSC Belgrade extends the following services:

  • negotiation on conditions for purchasing majority shares packages or 70% of company’s capital (tender or auction),
  • conduction of share capital increase according to a tender Contract,
  • recognizing public auction procedures and investor representation in purchasing companies through public auction,
  • consulting services in conjunction with takeover offer of shares,
  • conduction of procedures for successful realization of takeover offer of shares,
  • bank recommendation and definition of initial fundamentals for negotiations on acquiring favorable credit for purchasing shares and other purposes,
  • consulting services in cases such as forming a consortium for purchase of shares,
  • notification to the Belgrade Stock Exchange and the Securities Commission in case of acquiring insider status,
  • domestic financial market analysis,
  • investment consultant services.