Our Mission and Goal


As a result of growing demands of an emerging market and determination to offer our customers comprehensive service, in October 2002, the Securities Broker-Dealer Intercity Broker JSC Belgrade was founded by the International Center. The Company is a member of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE) and Central Securities Depository and Clearing House of Serbia (CSD).

Advanced IT solutions, employees and associates expertise, utmost professional approach and commitment to business tasks, sited the Intercity broker as one of the leading participants on the domestic capital market and profiled it as valuable investment advisor equally among individual and institutional investors.

NDP Audit & Consulting Ltd Belgrade provides audit and accounting services as well as financial and tax advisory accompanied with domiciliary and a wide range of corporate outsourcing services. It was founded by the Moore Stephens Nathans from Ireland member of the London-based Moore Stephens International a world-wide network of independent professional auditing and accounting firms and business advisors.
Since Moore Stephens London was founded a century ago, Moore Stephens International Limited has grown to be one of the largest international accounting and consulting groups worldwide. Today the association comprises over 640 offices in 98 countries throughout the world, incorporating more than 21,200 people. Therefore, our clients are able to utilize the network and get access to a large number of international organizations.

NDP Audit & Consulting Ltd Belgrade is closely cooperating with the International Center and the Intercity broker, which were recognized as one of the key players on the Serbian market. Moore Stephens Nathans tailored its internationally recognized methodology to domestic market and gathered a team of professionals prepared to adequately respond to the most demanding issues and problems that might occur in the process of servicing the clients. Experience gained during the development and transformation of international companies, those experts have successfully implemented in a large number of successful Serbian companies.

Our strong and reliable business group with a proven track record is comprised of the International Center, Intercity broker and NDP Audit & Consulting and it successfully deals with more than 60,000 clients both legal entities and natural persons. We provide a wide-range of services and advisory regarding incorporation, registration, local representation and every-day operations for a variety of legal entities, consistent and timely compliance, privatization and takeover of companies and strategic investing, issuing, buy-out, cancellation and disposal of shares, bonds and other securities, transfer of member’s shares and other forms of ownership within the companies, restructuring and reorganization strategies, audit and comprehensive accounting outsourcing, international standards introduction and certification process, design and implementation of integrated information system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in addition to diverse placement of free funds and obtaining additional capital on behalf of clients in order to maximize their profit.

Our experienced and highly qualified personnel consist of numerous financial professionals, advisors and specialists working in local and international business environments. As a team under the leadership of Prof. Dabic, we develop innovative strategies and create personalized solutions to help our clients achieve their financial goals. We provide our clients with the timely and accurate information and analysis that is critical to strategic decision-making.